Photo by Samantha Dennaoui of Fox and Feather Photography

Hi I’m Zahrah!

I was always that girl with the camera in hand – I don’t even remember my first time picking up a camera, i’m sure it was early – but throughout high school I was always behind the camera.

 Art and Design were my favorite subjects at school and I lived for the Art room and to paint and draw – directly out of high school I knew exactly the course I wanted to do – jewellery and object design. 1999 was where I began my journey of studies in Photography, Art and objects and that love has continued till today.

Trekking through the deserts of Arabia – taken by Ahmad Sabra

 Life’s journey took me all around the world and in my twenties I lived in Morocco, Oman, The Emirates and the USA, working in advertising and graphic design. Full circle 10 years later I came home to Australia and I went back to studies in Design but also picked up my photography more professionally and began to shoot weddings and more.

I have now been shooting for more than 10 years covering a variety of things, the list is endless, weddings, events, engagements, business, corporate, families, product, fashion.

” My passion is to work with clients and truly capture the essence of what their message is, whether it’s their product or personal branding or a project that is close to their hearts – I want to creatively visualize what is in their minds through my lens.”

If it is an event – its to capture those fleeting moments. I have a keen eye for detail and see things that sometimes are overlooked.
Artists that inspire me are Edward Weston, Georgia O Keeffe, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Franz Marc and Grace Cossington-Smith.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful kidlets and I am based in Melbourne but also work in Sydney and beyond for assignments.
If you would like to work with me and see how I could creatively visualise your vision, please get in touch via phone or email. I can’t wait to chat with you. 


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